Lizing komercijalnih vozila

Use services of our leasing partners to purchase commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery without having to pay full price at a time. We provide you with an excellent opportunity to renovate your vehicle fleet quickly and without huge expenses. Just choose vehicles you need on our website and negotiate further steps with our leasing partners!

Any kind of machinery on our website can be leased: tractor units, trucks, tippers, construction and agricultural machinery, other commercial vehicles to meet your business needs.

The basic scheme of a leasing deal: you find a seller and choose a suitable transport means or equipment units. Our partner - leasing company purchases the chosen vehicles, arranges insurance and transfers this vehicle to you, so that you can start using this vehicle right away. As for your part, you pay an initial advance payment (usually equivalent to 20-40% from the total cost), receive the vehicle and then make fixed monthly payments usually coming from the earnings you get while operating the vehicle.

At the same time, you keep the working assets of your business and take advantage of substantial savings on taxes. At the end of the leasing contract, you get the vehicle for the price left over after all the payments. See the further details.

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